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Granger Homestead & Carriage Museum

January 18, 2019

Today Granger Homestead & Carriage Museum reached out to DSD Web Works to request our interest in helping them develop an new complete custom web site and administrative backend to address all their Internet needs. Their current site is a bit dated and has limitation on managing the content. They are interested in a more user friendly administrative application to manage their content and a more professional, modern presentation of the site.

We look forward to the opportunity to share our ideas and knowledge for a solution that will meet and exceed all their expectations. 

Town of Wayne Review

January 24, 2019

Today DSD Web Works and various Town of Wayne personnel met to discuss 2019 projects going forward for the various Town projects as they relate to their web presence. Enhancements will be made to the Town main web site and more tools will be developed for the History groups application which has made substantial advances with inventorying and organizing their vast collection of historical information. In the near future, tools will be offered to the public to search all logged historical content held by the group. We once again, look forward to working another year with the Town of Wayne.

33rd Annual Chocolate Ball

February 2, 2019

The Chocolate Ball is a Rochester gala featuring elegant food, drinks, music, and a collection of exotic chocolate cakes from area signature cake chefs. The event raises money for Epilepsy Pralid, a non-profit organization that serves individuals with epilepsy, developmental disabilities, and brain injuries throughout the western and central regions of New York.

DSD Web Works was awarded with the winning bid for the prize winning 'The Cat In The Hat' masterpiece. The cake swept all awards by winning Best Taste, Best Showpiece, People's Choice and the Grand Prize! We have donated the sweet winnings to the wonderful staff and Strong's Department of Neurology. 

We want to once again congratulate Melissa Savino (The Cake Place) for baking, designing and creating the big winner. It was, in our opinion, hands down the best tasting cake at the gala. To the design, see for yourself:

The Cat in the Hat

"We love being a part of The Epilepsy Pralid Chocolate Ball each year. Truly some of the nicest and most talented people work in our local (and Syracuse) bakeries. Honored to have received awards for Best Taste, Best Showpiece, People's Choice and Grand Prize this year. Everyones cakes were fantastic! But the best part of the evening was that our cake raised over $2,000 for Epilepsy Pralid - an incredible organization. #lovewhatyoudo - at Chocolate Ball 2019."

Melissa Savino, The Cake Place

Cornell University Renews Contract

February 27, 2019

Today Cornell University renewed an annual contract for DSD Web Works to maintain all ten regional team agricultural programs along with the Harvest New York program. We are delighted to continue are long running relationship with the Cornell programs and look forward to another year of both maintaining the 11 web properties and offering routine enhancements which better help in the continued efforts in supporting agriculture throughout the State.

Cornell University Web Accessibility Efforts Aided by DSD Web Works

March 1, 2019

DSD Web Works has reached significant progress on helping Cornell University reach their goal of all web content conforming to W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. Cornell is committed to diversity and inclusiveness, with the goal of providing an accessible, usable, and welcoming environment to all. To this end, DSD Web Works was contracted to bring all eleven regional agricultural team sites into compliance. As a result of our efforts, all eleven team sites have obtained Accessibility Scores with a range between 93.1 and 97.3 (out of 100).

The group of eleven sites are considered early adopters with regard to these efforts as the goal was to reach near compliance by 2020.

We thank Cornell University for the opportunity to help and to assure that people with a diverse range of hearing, movement, sight, and cognitive abilities can easily navigate and use Cornell web properties. 

Coach Bus Parts SEO Audit

March 5, 2019

A complete site SEO audit has been performed by DSD Web Works on the very active and successful Coach Bus Parts website ( Findings from the audit will be formally presented to Coach and Equipment and a thorough strategy will be laid out to go forward in maximizing efforts to better server content to those looking for their products. As a result of these efforts, Coach Bus Parts will continue to grow revenue and increase their growing share within this industry. We look forward to having our expertise continued to be applied and, most importantly, result in positive sales growth.

DSD Web Works Going Forward Meeting Held In Jackson Hole Wyoming

April 8, 2019

DSD Web Works is meeting the week of April 8 in Jackson Hole Wyoming for a strategic planning meeting on future plans for the corporation. Discussions will include maintaining our high level of client sanctification, growth niche markets, continued advancements into Town and Village solutions and our new 401K profit sharing plan.

We look forward to rewarding and stimulating conversation!

National Soaring Museum's Host International Vintage Sailplane Meet

April 28, 2019

DSD Web Works completed creating an online registration form and management tool for all registrations to the upcoming 2020 International Vintage Sailplane Meet. Integrating Stripe and our custom web application individuals can easily register online using the highly interactive and intelligent online registration form which collects all relevant information regarding their participation at the meet.

The administrative back-end tool helps manage all registrants, pilots, co-pilots, planes, insurance policies, campers, and much more. The staff at the National Soaring Museum was very appreciative of the work and solution created to address the International affair.

LJH Management Site Released

May 8, 2019

Today the new web site and web application for LJH Management has been released. The new site will help LJH to manage their fast property assets and interact more easily with their growing number of renters. It has been a pleasure working with their team in developing a solution that meets all their needs.

We look forward to offering them support throughout the future as the solution we created was based on the software as a service model (SaaS) that allows LJH to focus on the tasks most important to them and allowing us to continually supply them with a intuitive, worry-free, complete Internet solution.

Cornell Selects DSD Web Works for New Contract

May 14, 2019

Today Cornell University selected DSD Web Works to develop the new Southwest New York Dairy, Livestock and Field Crops program's web asset. This will be the 13 contract issues to DSD Web Works from Cornell University. We have enjoyed the collaboration and look forward to expanding our role once again with this fine educational institution.

Updates to the design and development will be forth coming.

Coach Sales System Updated

May 14, 2019

Today DSD Web Works released an updated to Coach and Equipment's Sales System that allows for the management and easy communication to their dealers regarding order acknowledgements (DORA). The new DORA application helps manage build revisions and cost adjustments through the process of mortification that are involved in building custom buses.  Coach can now review historical records for a given order and how modifications affect design, cost and margins. 

We look forward to the feedback of the new tools release.

Cornell Requests Podcast Application

June 3, 2019

DSD Web Works will work with Cornell University team members to develop a management tool to help create and display routine podcasts that are used in their educational efforts. In addition to the front-end presentation and back-end management tools, we will build an interface to address accessibility standards as the relate to voice forward podcasts. Tools for transcript creation and viewing will be employed. Once again, we love working with the Cornell University team sites.

Keuka Watershed Improvement Cooperative Selects DSD Web Works

June 4, 2019

Today DSD Web Works met with KWIC personnel to discuss the design and development of a custom web application to help manage a new web presence. The purpose for the site will be to educate the public on the Keuka Watershed, supply useful forms and applications as they relate to watershed management, and integrate resources such as suppliers, service companies, contact information and management reports. The source of funding was obtained through New York State and EPA's Nine Element Watershed Plan. Keuka will be the model for cooperation between multiple municipalities and watershed management. 

We are proud to be selected and to participate in such a worth cause in helping keep the Keuka Lake Watershed healthy and beautiful for all future generations.

Sailor Bags Consultation

July 5, 2019

DSD Web Works was asked to consult on understanding and advising on site issues the company was observing. Working directly with their developers, DSD Web Works was able to quickly diagnose their problem, advised on the solution and made process recommendations for the future. DSD Web Works is always here for consultation at any time.

Nistock Farms Site Enhancements

July 16, 2019

Today DSD Web Works released site enhancements to The requested changes involved addition of new products which included new pages and new scripts added to the administrative portion of the site. The site is a custom built Content Managed System (CMS) that allows the client to control site content, pricing and manage their data. This special request involved a fixed 'hard coded' portion to the site that quickly added the required site content. Comments on the release included "Looks Good!" and "Sleek and Simple". This is exactly what we were attempting to create. As always, it is a joy to work with Nistock Farms.

Village of Watkins Glen Awards Contract to DSD Web Works

July 22, 2019

Tonight the Village of Watkins Glen Board approved the contract for DSD Web Works to design and develop a new village web site. The village choose to take advantage of our all inclusive Village Platform, a complete worry free solution. The approach reduces a required large capital expenditure expense and shifts to a operational cost approach. In turn, all site requirements are the responsibility of DSD Web Works. This includes hosting, security updates, SSL Certificate, site updates, etc. 

We look forward to presenting the custom (no templates) design and administrative back-end review to the Village in the near future. 

Cornell University Releases Team Site

August 16, 2019

Today DSD Web Works released the new team site for Cornell University's Southwest New York Dairy, Livestock and Field Crops Program (SWNYDLFC). SWNYDLFC program with Cornell Cooperative Extension offers educational programming and research based information to agricultural producers, growers, and agribusinesses in the five county region of Southwestern New York. This includes Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Erie and Steuben Counties.

The custom designed content manged system (CMS) is fully manageable by Cornell University specialists and allows for a powerful tool to communicate with the diverse agricultural community within their region. DSD Web Works enjoyed working with the specialists in developing the new team site and administrative back-end. Congratulations to the new specialists and we look forward to watching and collaborating with you as the new team grows. 

New Village of Watkins Glen Web Site Presentation

August 28, 2019

Today DSD Web Works presented the new web site design and custom built CMS for the Village of Watkins Glen. The Village Clerk, Village Treasurer, Trustees and other village personnel attended the meeting. The visual layout was very well received as well as the ease of which the village will be able to easily manage the site's content. This is something that they have not been able to easily do with the current site.  Time was spend going through the administrative backend showing personnel how they can easily interact with their document library, update trustees, committees, boards and village employees. The new interface gives the village complete control of their site content.  It is worth noting that the new site is fully responsive (automatically adjusts to screen size; mobile, tablet, large monitor), is designed with accessibility in mind (perfect Google Accessibility score; 100/100), is WC3 validated (clean code) and all pages have intuitive mod-rewrites allowing for a better user experience with regard to file names.

We feel privileged to be part of everyone's excitement about the future release of the new site.

Coach and Equipment Parts Site Get Sales Tax Upgrad

September 11, 2019

Today DSD Web Works received a request to update Coach and Equipment Parts Site to include a flexible means of charging sales tax to various states throughout the union. New legislation now requires more emphasis on collecting sales tax within various states that items are shipped. Coach's very popular parts site sales and ships bus parts all over the country. Now, we will need a management tool to allow the collection of sales tax among certain states.

DSD Web Works will address the request promptly as to ensure compliance with the new laws.

DSD Web Works Board Canadian Mini-Retreat

September 23, 2019

This week DSD Web Works is scheduled to host it's Board of Directors meeting in beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada. Reports will include a review of the current financials including net profit for the year and our overall growth (20%). A review of progress on our 2020 plan will be presented which will lead into a discussion on our growth plans for the future.

Keuka Watershed Improvement Cooperative First Review

October 3, 2019

This morning, DSD Web Works presented the proposed look, layout and administrative back-end for the new Keuka Watershed Improvement Cooperative (KWIC) web site. The content managed system (CMS) was custom built using an open source solution. The layout was approved and credentials for administrative managed mere passed to appropriate KWIC staff members. KWIC will now begin creating content to their new site and begin organizing that content into logical order utilizing the flexible back-end management interface. We look forward to working with KWIC in this endeavor.

Coach and Equipment Requests Weight Analysis Program

October 29, 2019

Today DSD Web Works and Coach and Equipment met to discuss the design of an online tool to analysis the weight distribution for a given bus configuration. In order for a bus to be properly constructed, weights of every bus component must be determined on how it is distributed on each wheel and axle.  Safety is of utmost importance in the engineering of Coach and Equipment buses and part of this is proper weight distribution.

DSD Web Works will create a tool to allow for the analysis of all options within a configuration and how their weight is distributed on the shell frame. Interactive tools will be created to allow for option movement within the shell floor plan to appropriately balance the bus. Once approved, all x and y coordinates will be stored and passed to the final engineering review prior to construction.

We look forward to working with Coach and Equipment in building an on-line tool that will help salesman build, equip, configure and sell Coach and Equipment manufactured buses.

Cornell University Team Sites Receive New Event Interace

November 4, 2019

The new event interface was released today to several Cornell University team sites. The features of the new platform includes:

  1. Collaboration i.e. multiple editors
  2. Preregistration Deadline
    1. now allows for time entry
  3. Unlimited Cost Levels
    1. optional enrollee discount added
    2. cost expiration dates
  4. Unlimited Flexible Options
    1. single or multipick (radio button vs. checkbox)
    2. with or without quantity association
    3. with or without cost association
  5. Registration Link added for 'Other Organization' Event
  6. Event Series (multiple dates)
    1. unlimited dates
    2. unlimited date ranges
    3. optional Multiple Day Discount
    4. date specific options
  7. New Improved Editor (for all text fields)
    1. allows for unlimited images in body
  8. Upon Update
    1. automatic page refreshes with new last update time stamp
  9. Unlimited PDFs
  10. Dynamic Content within Confirmation Email
    1. you can add specific text for a given event
    2. default information now includes event summary & all details of selections, quantities and costs
  11. Sponsorship
    1. new editor
    2. Unlimited Cost Levels
      • optional enrollee discount added
      • cost expiration dates
    3. Unlimited Flexible Options
      • single or multipick (radio button vs. checkbox)
      • with or without quantity association
      • with or without cost association
    4. Unlimited PDFs
    5. Dynamic content within Confirmation Email

The new interface will be reviewed by the test teams and upon approval, will be released to the other ten Cornell University team sites that DSD Web Works is responsible for. We look forward to the feedback and the use of the new feature rich, highly customizable event interface. 

Village of Watkins Glen Releases New Web Site

November 15, 2019

This morning the Village of Watkins Glen officially released their new web site. The site was built using an open source solution in creating a completely custom content managed system (CMS). The Village selected DSD Web Works' all inclusive Village platform. This solution is literally a worry free approach that includes hosting, support, maintenance, SSL certificates, security updates, training and complete site design and development. One simple monthly fee for a new site that allows for Village personnel to easily add/edit site content. 

All recurring expenditures including website hosting, server setup, server maintenance, server support, database maintenance, backup maintenance, e-mail support, regular site maintenance, annual SSL Certificate renewal and installation, website support, and all website development is included. There is no long term contract, it is simply month to month which motivates DSD Web Works to continuously perform at a high level to maintain the collaboration with the Village of Watkins Glen. We look forward to years of supporting the Village.

Town of Wayne New York Migrates to Office 365

November 26, 2019

Today DSD Web Works worked with the Town of Wayne to migrate all their email functionality to Microsoft Office 365. With this new cloud based approach, Town staff have the ability to work anywhere. In addition, Office 365 offers advanced security features including message encryption, advanced threat analytics and mobile device management.  

New Event Platform Release to Cornell Team Sites

December 9, 2019

Today several Cornell University team sites including Lake Ontario Fruit Program,  Eastern New York Commercial Horticulture and the Cornell Vegetable Program received the release of a new Event Platform. The new platform was extensively redesigned to allow for a tremendous amount of flexibility in creating and managing events within and across the team sites. Major features include unlimited cost levels, unlimited date configurations including single dates, multi-dates (contiguous and non-contiguous) and event series (spanning multiple date ranges). In addition, unlimited options can be created for each cost level allowing for complete flexibility on selection offers the teams may want to include within an event. A flexible sponsorship section was created offering the same degree of flexibility and options.

Online registration for events is seamlessly incorporated allowing for both convenience to the users, efficient funds collection and easy registration management. 

The new platform will be evaluated in the coming weeks and upon approval will be released to other Cornell University team sites.

Town of Wayne Contracts DSD Web Works for Public History Archive Interface

December 17, 2019

Today DSD Web Works met with Town of Wayne personnel to discuss the development of a platform to allow the public access to the Town's History Archive. The new platform will allow individual to easily search throughout the large archive that includes an extensive database that contains collection items, event records, persons, structures and a large image library. All of these components are interlinked so the interface should be able to display all relevant information for a given search.

We look forward to providing a user-friendly, informative platform that will allow the public to view and learn from the extensive database that the Town's History Group has been developing.

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