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We offer an array of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) solutions that range from fully managed solutions to consultation roles that help direct your organization's in-house Internet marketing efforts.

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Our iPartner solution offers a very unique opportunity for qualified clients that have an e-commerce component as part of their Internet presence. Our efforts are only rewarded by results.

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Real Estate

In today's competitive real estate market, it is critical to present your client (the seller) a means to market their property to the broadest potential buyer base. In addition, offering a single on-line resource for buyers and sellers to connect is essential. We can help you in this endeavor. Creating professional, content-rich websites is what we do best. We use RETS server state-of-the-art technology to seamless integrate all MLS data into your website.

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Village Government & Town Government

We have been building Town & Village websites since 2003, that experience gives a deep understanding of the needs of local governments and it gives us the ability to build intuitive solutions for Towns & Villages to easily maintain their own website content with very user-friendly administrative interfaces. We offer two different modes of payment: 1) the traditional method of a single cost to design and develop followed by recurring costs (e.g. hosting); or, 2) DSD Village/Town Platform which is an all inclusive solution that involves an initial small setup fee and a recurring monthly fee... see cost comparison table within our read more page.
  • Custom Built Websites, no templates!
  • Hosting & Support Included (no cost w/ SaaS solution)
  • Website looks good on Desktops, Tablets and Mobile Devices, responsive design
  • Focus on Security - secure connections, secure backups, SSL & security updates all included
  • Continuous Maintenance, Support & Software Enhancements (no cost w/ SaaS solution)
  • Full Administrative Access to allow you to Add, Edit and Modify YOUR Website Content
    • easy upload of agendas, minutes & tax rolls
    • easily add/modify committee & board members
    • easily add announcements (with optional display duration)
    • instant website updates under your control
    • much more
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Watershed Wastewater Management Application

Over the past decades, watershed management laws have been established in public watersheds across the United States. From rivers, lakes and to oceans, these laws are declared to preserve the purity and quality of shared bodies of water. The existence of these laws is essential for facilitating healthy ecosystems and providing water safe for human use and recreational activity.

The challenge with enacting this legislation comes the management of potentially diverse laws across multiple communities and municipalities that reside in a given watershed. Ideally, communities unify into a single cooperation towards watershed management. Usually, this involves the union of several towns, cities, or regions which share a single body of water. To prevent inconsistencies among this type of collaborative reporting, and increase organization of this vast amount of collected data, it is key to implement watershed management software.

DSD Web Works has created such software that simplifies the organization of complex systems and allows for both ease of access and management.

Who Uses our Custom Watershed Management Solution?

  • Penn Yan, NY
  • Town of Barrington, NY
  • Town of Jerusalem, NY
  • Town of Milo, NY
  • Town of Pulteney, NY
  • Town of Urbana, NY
  • Town of Wayne, NY
  • Village of Hammondsport, NY
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