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Branding can have different meaning for different people. To some it may be as simple as an organization's image. To others, it represents a 'consistency' that people can relate to and remember. Here at DSD Web Works, we think of branding as 'style'.

An organization's style (or brand) sets the mood and impressions of the people that view your site.

The goal of our designs are to truly capture the essence of your identity in words and images.

How do you want people to feel when they look at your site?

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Do you need to communicate a message of trust or security, maybe natural and healthy or just convey a message of corporate professionalism? The colors selected set a mood, the imagery you use, the typography (fonts), the slogans and the overall layout make up your 'style', and thus define your brand. We first start with the logo which encompasses color, typography and is the central image establishing a style.

Logo Design

  • very important part of the branding process
  • keep it simple
  • easily readable
  • if you choose an icon... it needs to make sense
  • the size should be appropriate for an array of media


  • keep it simple
  • easily readable
  • needs to "make sense"

Color Selection

  • very important step in branding... sets the 'mood'
  • warm colors, cool colors, bold colors, soft colors, etc.
  • early in the process we present color swatches for client review and approval

Colors are as affective as the impressions they create.

Typography (fonts)

  • consistent font utilization throughout site (headers same, body text same, etc.)
  • easily readable
  • appropriate size


  • critical on many levels
  • tone setting
  • ease of navigation
  • presentation reveals polish and professionalism

Website Design

Know thy self... and your audience.

Site design should be completely based on your industry, your organization and most importantly, on your potential viewer.

DSD Web Works does extensive research in order to understand the characteristics critical to visually present your organization to the world. In general, we like fast, clean simple presentations. Too many designers make sites too 'noisy' and complex to navigate.

How do we do it? The answer is in our comprehensive research.
An organization's style (or brand) sets the mood and impressions of the people that view your site.

Understand the industry, understand the client and understand the audience.

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The home page (or index page) is the most critical. The layout gives a quick 'feel' for the site. That feeling should accurately portray the content in a visually appealing way. Generally, simple is best and remember this is a visual presentation (i.e. good digital imagery is critical).


Color is the real contributor to the 'feel' of the site. Warm, cozy and comfortable, bright, happy and cheery or strikingly monotonic? It all depends on the specific application.


Content is king in any media. No different to the Internet world. Building quality content is essential in developing an authoritative site and that is key on obtaining high rankings among the search engines. In addition, you must supply the viewer with the content they seek. They search, they find... and they are happy. That means you will be happy.


With extensive content we must have organized logical navigation. The site must be user friendly so that the viewer does indeed find what they are looking for and can trace back through the site with ease. No need for bread crumbs.

Internet Marketing

We offer an array of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) solutions that range from fully managed solutions to consultation roles that help direct your organization's in-house Internet marketing efforts.

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Web Applications

Web applications are specific programs that are easily accessed over a Intranet or the Internet. We write (or code) custom web applications to enhance functionality for our clients and/or our clients visitors/customers.

DSD Web Works has solid experience in developing of custom web solutions using web applications. Thoroughly analyzing your business needs, industry and product requirements, we deliver tailor made, cost-competitive, scalable and robust applications to fulfill your organization's specific needs.

Our highly customized web applications set us apart from other web development companies.

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Web Application Samples

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
    • allows clients to easily edit and modify site content
  • Real Estate MLS Inclusion
    • shamelessly add complete MLS listing data to a real estate site
  • E-Commerce
    • complete custom solutions
  • Dynamic Data Presentation
    • utilizes PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript
    • allows for graphical data presentation in stunning and affective detail
  • PayPal Payments Pro Integration
    • accept credit cards and/or PayPal payments directly on your site
  • New York Sales Tax
    • specifically written for our New York clients
    • accurately calculate sales tax according to the delivery address
  • USPS and/or UPS Shipping Integration
    • allows for automatically calculating shipping charges and shipping times
  • Dynamic Mapping
    • associate dynamic data directly to interactive maps
  • Dynamic Calendar
    • easily add/edit/modify and display calendar events for a given organization

Technology Usage

Our general philosophy is to use the right technology for the job. We are strong believers in free and open source software and thus most often recommend a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) solution stack of software.
  • PHP Programming
    • widely-used scripting language that is especially suited for creating dynamic and interactive websites.
    • open source (zero cost)
    • ease of deployment across any platform or web server
    • ease of interface with the most common databases, including MySQL
    • easily embedded into HTML
  • Perl
    • quick and dirty server side programming.
    • Perl is open source (zero cost)
  • .NET
    • .NET Framework is a software component that is a part of Microsoft Windows operating systems.
    • .NET is a key Microsoft offering, and is intended to be used by applications created for the Windows platform.
  • SharePoint
    • web-based collaboration and document management platform from Microsoft
    • ASP .NET applications using SQL Server database
  • MySQL
    • multithreaded, multi-user SQL database management system
    • open source (zero cost)
  • JavaScript
    • client side scripting language
    • open source (zero cost)
  • Ajax
    • Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
    • data is requested from the server and loaded without interfering with the display and behavior of the existing page
    • very powerful in creating very dynamic, friendly and interactive user interfaces
  • XML Web Services
  • XML Web Services
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • SOAP
  • CSS
Whether you need a complete custom e-commerce system, a collaborative networking system, or a back-end system for data management, DSD Web Works offers our custom programming and development skills to create reliable and scalable solutions to meet your full requirements.


Your web host is responsible for serving your pages to the world, this is obviously a very important responsibility and warrants a discriminating selection. Matching need with required features is important: you might require the need for a database; certain application development platforms might be required, etc. DSD Web Works offers collocated servers through one of our subsidiary companies, Finger Lakes Web Hosting. We can help match the right plan and the right dollars for your organization.

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We offer shared hosting solutions, semi-dedicated solutions and fully dedicated servers in USA bases state-of-the-art data centers.

What should one look for in comparing web hosts?

  • Reliability - What is the server uptime?
  • Technical Support - Can you talk to someone?
  • Features - Specific requirements depend on the needs of each individual site.
  • Cost
  • Security
  • Realistic Backup Protocols
  • Built-in Redundancy
  • Datacenter - Location and Sophistication


DSD Web Works provides a comprehensive range of consulting services based on extensive experience in helping organizations define IT objectives and goals and develop sound strategies actions to reach objectives and realize goals.

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Results from implementing our sound strategies include:
  • reduced advertising costs
  • improved product branding
  • increase in global brand exposure
  • increased targeted traffic
  • customer client growth
  • increased sales
  • higher return on investment
  • increased operational efficiencies
  • business process development & improvement

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