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Hitachi Metals America, a division of Hitachi North America, consists of many different companies manufacturing a wide array of products, including accelometer sensors to automobile wheels.

DSD Web Works was contracted to 'freshen-up' their home page and to create new visuals for 'suggestive' marketing. With that charge, DSD Web Works created a new, more user friendly drop-down menu, and a number of unique visual banners to represent the company and their ability to be a 'complete solution provider'.

In addition, we were involved in helping define a marketing campaign for their new, ultra small (world's smallest) accelometer sensor 'Freefall Detection... Freefall Protection'.

InformationalHitachi Metals America

Utilized: HTML | JavaScript | Adobe Photoshop

Hitachi Metals America - solution provider.

Special Visuals:

forest and trees

set yourself apart

sky is the limit

unique structure

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